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    NOTE : Cette partie a été abandonnée. Rendez-vous sur mon blog productrice!

  • Hello there! I created a little... Micro-blog? For UTAU works. In other categories, in French you'll have the lyrics and tabs for the albums. THEY'RE NOT FOR SALE. They're for fun!


    First step, let's present all my UTAUs! Not UTAUs that I created, but that I use as an UTAU producer. My "P" is for "UTAU producer", not "Vocaloid producer". Thanks.


    Note : I can modify the files to have only a phoneme. I never use VCV. It's a mess! So I convert to CV and sometimes... I must fix some UTAUs.
    Sensibility is a term that I use when I test very very short notes. More phonemes are sung by an UTAU, more his/her sensibility is high.
    Modified versions are "oto.ini-free". They're used for a better sensibility and for fixing some troubles...

    I don't use appends for the moment.



    For songs : Need a low voice (if I compare with Lily)
    Modified version used ? : No
    If modified, why ? : -
    Sensibility : Very high
    Resampler : resampler.exe or fresamp.exe

    Used in most of my songs due to HIS very high sensibility. And a cool thing, it's easy to make PVs with HIM. HE's very cool to use, without any modification. My little favorite! (^_^) When some voicebanks are weird for short phonemes, I use HIM. So don't worry if you see Ritsu everywhere in my songs, it's normal.


    For songs : Sweet voice, sincere
    Modified version used ? : No
    If modified, why ? : -
    Sensibility : Medium to high
    Resampler : resampler.exe

    Second UTAU that I used. However I got some sensibility problems with her, for ELYSIUM. But you don't hear the troubles because Ritsu is singing with her! Duos are useful! She was perfect for "Cordelia" a sincere girl. The songs are as sweet as she is. PVs are quite easy to make.


    For songs : Magic
    Modified version used ? : Yes
    If modified, why ? : VCV to CV conversion
    Sensibility : [Version used] High to very high
    Resampler : fresamp.exe

    I never use VCV but her voice is sooooo pretty! I converted her to a CV voicebank that I can use as all other voicebanks. And if Crypton was happy of her quality... Never got deceived by results given by Meiji. Perfect for songs with a touch of magic, as "Ismene" or "ESKARINA" (this one was originally abandoned and for Toki-5, so...). OK for the moment in her solo songs she only sang yandere. But I'll use her a lot for sure! Problem : pictures. For the moment I'm waiting for an answer of an artist who makes pictures of Meiji and other UTAUloids. There are 4 pictures of her on piapro, but the quality is... Not good. Sorry. Else "Ismene" and "ESKARINA" would have PVs long time ago!


    For songs : ... I don't know!
    Modified version used ? : Yes
    If modified, why ? : Passing from a version with twice the same phoneme to "a wav a phoneme"
    Sensibility : [Version used] High to very high
    Resampler : fresamp.exe

    And I think her sensibility is better with the modified version. Only problem : I must always make her sing on music, else, she sounds a few robotic. And I use fresamp. I discovered her thanks to Krypt Creeper. Why did I modify her? When I tested Nyui, there was a problem : long phonemes, I heard twice the same phoneme. So I used a version reengeristered by myself on Audacity, only selecting the second phoneme in the original wave file. And now... She's great! Sung "Anti-Sense" and "Sanae". I don't know how to describe the songs together.


    For songs : ?
    Modified version used ? : Yes
    If modified, why ? : Enhancing sensibility
    Sensibility : [Original version] Low
    Resampler : fresamp.exe

    I only use the female version, because I'm searching for feminine voices. For the moment I must modify her, problems of sensibility. When I tried to make her sing "Gothic Baroque", she missed all the "ba" of the title. I don't know why! Pretty good quality though!


    For songs : ?
    Modified version used ? : Yes
    If modified, why ? : VCV to CV conversion
    Sensibility : Not tested yet
    Resampler : fresamp.exe

    Another VCV voicebank and hard to get!!! Her quality seems to be very good! Didn't tested her yet.


    For songs : Can I say it if I made only one song with her?
    Modified version used ? : No
    If modified, why ? : -
    Sensibility : High
    Resampler : fresamp.exe

    Not to use for high tempo or very very short notes, I got some surprises. Her sensibility is quite good though. And her voice, it's "we like it or not". Personally, I find her better than Teto (too robotic!). Easy to make PVs of her if I ask a permission to Feli.


    For songs : World/electro I think
    Modified version used ? : Yes
    If modified, why ? : Enhancing sensibility
    Sensibility : [Original version] Low
    Resampler : fresamp.exe

    Good quality and her demonic race... I only could love her! Problem : low sensibility. "Justine" was originally a song for her, but she missed lots of phonemes. I must fix her... But after this modification, she'll be very good, I feel it!


    For songs : Reserved to yandere songs
    Modified version used ? : No
    If modified, why ? : -
    Sensibility : High
    Resampler : resampler.exe or fresamp.exe

    Reserved to yandere songs because those ones aren't really at home on piapro. Love this girl. Typically yandere and a very good quality of voice.



    Now some info.

    Nynthixia is my alternative pseudonym. It says "ninchikushia" in Japanese.

    I use Soundation for composing all my songs. Except for beats, all is from me, they're tracks where I set my notes.

    "Damned Artist" was composed in the same time of lyrics.

    "ESKARINA" : the song was made before setting the lyrics on UTAU.

    All other ones, lyrics set on UTAU before composition of the instrumental.

    As sele does, my songs are English titles or girl's names. I try to respect a code. Real names in normal format ("Ismene", "Justine", "Blood and Thorns"...), imaginary ones in caps ("ELYSIUM", "ESKARINA", "TOKINA"...).

    Songs talk about tragedy, yandere but often the stories are lesbian. That's my difference with sele.

    I also talk about problems in the society (manipulation in "Virtual Puppets", excessive criticism in "Damned Artist", lack of assurance in "ELYSIUM", sexism in "ESKARINA"...).

    Some stories are inspired by other books as "ESKARINA" (Equal Rites, Terry Pratchett) or "Regan", "Goneril" and "Cordelia" (King Lear, Shakespeare).

    Other ones are made by me. Born in a crazy head.

    Stronger for tragedies than comedies, my humor is... Really bad. Sorry!

    Some songs are complaints about feelings (solitude in "Anti-Sense"...).


    A song usually takes...

    - A complete day of thinking about the lyrics. The story borns in my head in the morning, then I write often in the evening. A song was written in the morning? Some hours of reflexion or a complete evening.

    - 30 minutes for writing the lyrics, translating them in Japanese... And correcting them! Because the translator isn't really good sometimes. I try to avoid as much as possible katakana in the songs.

    - 2 to 4 hours : retranscribe the hiragana phonemes on UTAU, controlling the .ust file. Sometimes I can change my UTAU for reasons of sensibility or "robotic voices".

    - 30 minutes to 40 minutes : composing the song on Soundation, sometimes I've got the help of the .wav file from UTAU then I delete it from the project.

    - 25 minutes : Mixing on Sony Vegas Pro 13. And I bought it... Around 500€. I've got ExpressFX and iZotope Nectar Elements too (prices included in my SVP 13). The first one is for reverb or delay effects, the second one masterizes the sing of the UTAU. Without it... Listen to the end of "ELYSIUM" or "Zerlina", you'll hear a less loud sing. The iZotope effects used are Pop Princess or Cruzing (Female). Rarer, Human Electronica.

    - Then uploading on the networks!


    Uploaded on my blog (sung version) and instrumental on Piapro.


    Lyrics on Piapro
    Sung version on Piapro with, in the bonus file, the instrumental and a link to lyrics.
    Only exception : mixes (sung version  and in the bonus file only its instrumental).


    Contact me!


    Types of works not uploaded on piapro :

    - yandere lyrics and sung versions*
    - songs with Tei Sukone
    - sung versions of Toki-5

    * except for "ESKARINA" lyrics. Piapro didn't say anything on yandere when I uploaded it...


    Licenses used

    Always CS BY-NC-SA for albums. The current version that I use is the 15.0.

    PVs on YouTube : advices and comments (including thumbs) aren't authorized. On piapro you can, this website is there for that!

    And when I answer, if I'm not sure of the Japanese that I use, I'll answer in English too. If you want to be sure to know my thoughts, read the English text!



    I'm an independant producer, I won't authorize requests of making a song. It comes with feelings...

    If you want to remix/readapt my songs, contact me if you're not an UTAU or Vocaloid user so that I give to you an authorization.

    Tickets of derivatives will be posted on Linearia Licensing forum [it's a project forum which is a big catalog of licensed works, notainly for CS licenses]. I'll make tickets for you due to its beta version, reserved to the staff.


    Songs are ContentID friendly! (^_^)

    Due to their non commercial nature, I can't depose the songs and I won't make this.

    If you want to use them on YouTube, no problem. Please contact me first if you don't use UTAU or Vocaloid.

    Tracks are composed by myself, songs won't make a positive reaction to ContentID, except for if someone is stealing my songs. Then I'll be mad. VERY MAD.

    I'm supporter of free songs.

    Label : none. In international ranking I haven't got any label. For project (intern) it's DRYADE-2.



    Have fun with my songs!


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